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Family Status certificate", "Income", "Buildings", "Movable property"

Family Status Certicate

Special situations

One-parent households:
Students with divorced parents: students will need to attach the divorce certificate or a document issued by the Court and attesting the parents’ ongoing separation;
Students with a deceased parent: students will need to attach the death certificate, to be submitted only on first application;
Students who have not been acknowledged by their father: students will need to attach their birth certificate;
Students abandoned by a parent: a statement by competent authorities is needed;
One of the parents is unaccounted for:  the missing person report by the competent authorities is needed;
Presence of a tutor in the household: the instrument of appointment of the tutor by the competent authority is needed;

Both parents are deceased: the death certificates of both parents need to be submitted on first application;

Presence of married adult siblings in the household: a marriage certificate is needed; alternatively, the siblings’ marital status has to be specified in the family status certificate;

Presence of adult siblings who do not reside with the original family in the family status certificate: the residence certificate of the siblings is needed; alternatively, the situation can be specified in the family status certificate.


Document issued by the competent authority of the public administration for fiscal management reporting the gross income (including taxes) of employee compensations and/or retirement provisions of every legal member of the family in solar year 2022.

Special situations:
If students do not possess the abovementioned document, they will have to submit one of the following documents:

Certificate issued by an employer reporting the total wages for solar year 2022 (January to December), including taxes;
last paycheck (December 2022) including the total income for year 2022;
All 12 paychecks from solar year 2022, if the total income is not indicated in the last paycheck.
Legal members of the family without an income:

Student: certificate of enrolment at a University or other Institutions.
Unemployed member: certificate of unemployment or statement of unemployment in the family status certificate.
Stay-at-home mother: this condition can be certified in the family status certificate;
Income obtained in Italy (also by the student and/or their siblings): either the CUD 2022 (wage and tax statement) or the 2022 tax return forms must be submitted.


Certification of all the buildings owned by every member of the family by 31st December 2022; the surface in square meters must be indicated.

Residential house:
Home ownership: ownership certificate including surface measurement data;
Loan for use: document that certifies that the owner does not belong to the family unit;
Regular rental agreement: lease contract valid until the date of expiry of the public announcement;
Absence of the abovementioned documents: certificate of non-ownership of the family members.
Other buildings:
All ownership certificates have to be submitted.

Movable property

Certificates issued by banks and financial institutions regarding: bank accounts, any kind of deposit, credit cards and/or pre-paid cards, shares and bonds, securities in general owned by every family member by 31st December 2022.

It is mandatory to submit movable property certificates in the following situations:

Presence of bank accounts detectable from the income statements;
Self-employed persons with tax liabilities;
Presence of a bank account and/or a pre-paid card owned by the student or other members of the family in Italy.